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This is a Portal Post.
shirow miwa: kimi no shiranai monogatari
It's finals week for me, (halfway done, functional programming and discrete math on crack done with two more to go), but I realized... I haven't made a Portal post.  But before I go back to learning all of chemistry ever, I need to get this out of the way: I FUCKING LOVE PORTAL.  I DON'T CARE IF EVERYONE TO EVER BREATHE MAKES CAKE JOKES.  I STILL LOVE PORTAL.  (This is a spoiler-free post, btw.)

Quick note: If you haven't played Portal, please do.  The original Portal holds a very special place in my heart for being a super entertaining puzzle game.  Not too short to make it feel incomplete, but not too long to make you bored.  It's one of the few games I can recommend to everyone. 

On a side note, after coming to college, I find myself recommending anime and games to more people.  In high school, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by people who all had similar interests to mine so I never really had to coerce anyone to give a series/game a try.  In college, more of the people I am around, though still CS majors, are rather adverse to trying my recommendations out.  (HOW CAN YOU REFUSE PORTAL?  999 I'll understand, but Portal?!)  

But, to be truthfully honest, I think I liked Portal 1 more.  Portal 2 was amazing.  Longer, lots of interesting puzzles, great humor, but Portal 1 still left me more satisfied in my opinion.  There were parts of Portal 2 that left me feeling kind of bored.  (Mainly the in-between test chamber sections.)  Portal 1 never left me with that.  But oddly enough, that is the only thing I can think of that I didn't like.  The new puzzle elements were amazing, and actually made me think for a while.  And the story!  The characters!  Portal 1 was mainly witty black humor, but Portal 2 has that and more.  Okay, now that I sit down and think about it I think I just need to play Portal 2 a couple more times to have it completely grow on me.  So in the end, just play both, they are both amazing.

And as it's final's week, it's almost summer break.  Meaning I should probably start thinking about whether I'm going to go to otakon or not.  And if so, cosplay.  Recommendations?  (I'm a short asian girl, meaning I generally don't do well with tall adult characters.  I also don't crossplay well.)  I'm currently playing with ideas of: Akemi Homura (Madoka Magika), Youmu Konpaku (Touhou Project), Nisoku Houkou Girl (Easy last day outfit?), Layla (Sound Horizon).  And probably some vocaloid.  There's always some vocaloid.  And, just curious, who's going?  I'd love to meet people. :D


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